Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh. Ah. Ann Sather.
Ann Sather on North Clark Street.

Cinnamon Rolls, not one, but two.
It's a side order.
Just a little something on the side.
Or both sides.
OF MY TORSO. Symmetrical.
Do they still make Metrical©?

These cinnamon rolls:
two large islands of baked, flaked yeasty dough and cinnamon goo.

The icing:
the icing pools on top, overflows and niagras down the sides into a thick icing pond. The cinnamon rolls reflect from this glossy gravy, doubling the image, but thankfully, not the calories.

I'm NOT eating my entire side order. I'm only eating half the side order - just one side of the side. There are other things just to the side of the side order: my crabcake benedict is, in truth, the side dish, a filler to the main course which is of course, the cinnamon roll.
And the crabcake benedict is really good too, and of the two on my plate, I eat one to balance out the cinnamon roll - ON MY TORSO.

Wait. Where do I put the Ann Sather skillet potatoes? Where?
In my mouf.

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