Thursday, November 8, 2012


Dear Readers,
I am hereby - regretfully - stepping down from the Breakfast Task Force.

The events that have transpired since my last post are public record. The cease and desist order was unpleasant and unnecessary; the forceful ejection of my files and property from Task Force offices was disrespectful. If my penchant for cinnamon rolls was problematic, it should have been discussed. Calmly. 

I very much enjoyed the feedback and enthusiasm from my dedicated followers, and hope you will continue to follow the blog, which serves a noble calling.  
I ask that you welcome my replacement, Will, who brings a wealth of experience to this team. 
John Sandford 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Permission: GRANTED

Yeah. DO IT. Eat this for breakfast. Hey, there's no need to get anxious, and there's no need to philosophize about which foods should be eaten at which times. Look, if you eat it for breakfast, guess what? It's breakfast. Get over it. (At some point during the life of this blog, I'm going to work in the statement "Tacos are the new pancakes." Look out for that.)


Anyway...These pumpkin whoopee pies from Rise 'n Roll Bakery out of Indiana ARE FREAKIN' FANTASTIC. Please get some now. Heck, have 'em for dinner. I HAVE. They are just... lemme see here... what's the right word... PERFECT. The cake is springy, pumpkiny, I won't say the m-o-i-s-t word as some of you out there have an aversion to it, but... yeah. And I know you can spell. Look, there just isn't another woooorrrddd, OH-kaaayyyy? If you have one, give it to me, PLEASE. For now, let's just call it good cake foodstuffs. Now for the filling... it's a fluffy icing. If an icing could embody the essence of rainbows and unicorns and love, well...I'm gettin' choked-up...this one is IT, man. The combo of this pumpkin cake and its icing is, well, just super dang terrific. (tearing up)

(But for the purpose of this blog, I recommend them for breakfast, of course.)

Monday, March 28, 2011


Checking in to a Holiday Inn Express on the outskirts of Cincinnati, I was asked by the woman behind the counter, "What brings you to our area?"
I couldn't tell her the truth.
This is the reason for driving instead of flying - I don't want to be x-rayed, I don't want the third degree from an interrogator in orange-framed glasses.
I could ask, Why do you want to know?
But, it's really none of her business. Really. None.
But the Holiday Inn Express cinnamon rolls could have something to do with it.

It's research. The blog needs this; I am compelled by duty.
Anecdotal information is too personal, subject to personal interpretation and exaggeration.
We need empirical information: facts, figures, data that can be proved, something to hang on to.

• Cinnamon roll sampled at 8:42 am, Eastern time, March 27, 2011. Subject was sitting in a custom, plastic formed cinnamon roll pan under a warming lamp.
• Visual inspection shows acceptable subject, unobjectionable temperature; layers articulated on examination revealing structure and composition.
• Final analysis demonstrates that, even with all requisite components present, there just isn't much there there.
• Final rating: mediocre: 4.373103

Roll: 2.3345
Icing: 2.48
Cinnamon: 2.37
Lateral acceleration: 7.8G
Amplitude: 9
Latitude: 39 degrees, 9' 42" N
Longitude: 84 degrees, 27' 24" W
Attitude: + 5
Gratitude (free breakfast bar) + (thanks, Holiday Inn Express: a clean, bright place; the CR is a well-intentioned though ultimately token gesture
Breakfast food: .07
Method of ingestion: chewed
Sunflower Tally: 0
Hyun® Paper Crane Quotient: 0
Calcium: (for bones) 2.334
Iron: (for steel) 9.2
• pervasive and exotic Kentucky accents
little league team in Dodger uniforms; players push and shove so that we, the public, don't have to.
aggressive toddler at large careened about with handfuls of fried egg, powdered donut and cinnamon roll clenched in wet fists, extruded between fingers in play-dough mode.
Blogosphere: here.

Sunday, February 20, 2011


Oh. Ah. Ann Sather.
Ann Sather on North Clark Street.

Cinnamon Rolls, not one, but two.
It's a side order.
Just a little something on the side.
Or both sides.
OF MY TORSO. Symmetrical.
Do they still make Metrical©?

These cinnamon rolls:
two large islands of baked, flaked yeasty dough and cinnamon goo.

The icing:
the icing pools on top, overflows and niagras down the sides into a thick icing pond. The cinnamon rolls reflect from this glossy gravy, doubling the image, but thankfully, not the calories.

I'm NOT eating my entire side order. I'm only eating half the side order - just one side of the side. There are other things just to the side of the side order: my crabcake benedict is, in truth, the side dish, a filler to the main course which is of course, the cinnamon roll.
And the crabcake benedict is really good too, and of the two on my plate, I eat one to balance out the cinnamon roll - ON MY TORSO.

Wait. Where do I put the Ann Sather skillet potatoes? Where?
In my mouf.