Monday, April 18, 2011

Permission: GRANTED

Yeah. DO IT. Eat this for breakfast. Hey, there's no need to get anxious, and there's no need to philosophize about which foods should be eaten at which times. Look, if you eat it for breakfast, guess what? It's breakfast. Get over it. (At some point during the life of this blog, I'm going to work in the statement "Tacos are the new pancakes." Look out for that.)


Anyway...These pumpkin whoopee pies from Rise 'n Roll Bakery out of Indiana ARE FREAKIN' FANTASTIC. Please get some now. Heck, have 'em for dinner. I HAVE. They are just... lemme see here... what's the right word... PERFECT. The cake is springy, pumpkiny, I won't say the m-o-i-s-t word as some of you out there have an aversion to it, but... yeah. And I know you can spell. Look, there just isn't another woooorrrddd, OH-kaaayyyy? If you have one, give it to me, PLEASE. For now, let's just call it good cake foodstuffs. Now for the filling... it's a fluffy icing. If an icing could embody the essence of rainbows and unicorns and love, well...I'm gettin' choked-up...this one is IT, man. The combo of this pumpkin cake and its icing is, well, just super dang terrific. (tearing up)

(But for the purpose of this blog, I recommend them for breakfast, of course.)